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How to get safe cycle paths

Fight. Well, not fight, but ask, persuade, suggest, advocate, write letters and emails and be active. Above all, ride your bike.  More cyclists mean an increased awareness. The video shows some of what cyclists in the Netherlands did. Advertisements

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Victorian Trains ban bikes for UCI World Cycling Champs!!

Can you believe this? No doubt their spin doctors will have a nice slick, plausible set of reasons, while the rest of us just scratch our heads in bewilderment. The International Cycling Union’s 2010 Road Cycling World Championships will be … Continue reading

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One millionth journey taken on Dublinbike scheme

One million journies on Dublins bike scheme in under 12 months! Dublin City Council and its partner JCDEcaux (Ireland) launched the highly-successful rental scheme on September 13th, 2009. The landmark. millionth trip was undertaken on August 16. Will Melbournes’ similar … Continue reading

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