10 Best Bike Advocacy Videos of 2015

10 of this year’s best bike advocacy videos for your viewing pleasure.

Sometimes it takes a visual representation to get the point across. We all loved it when our teachers showed movies in class, so here’s 10 of 2015’s best advocacy videos to wrap up this year on a humorous note.

This video from the Santa Rosa Street Smarts Program shows us that passing with at least 3 1 meters of room between you and a cyclist when driving a car is not just about being lawful – it’s a about comfort.


People for Bikes reminds us in this video that there is nothing better than riding a bike to Shed that grumpy Monster.

James Corden uses humor on the Late Late Show to expose the silliness of bike lane opponents’ arguments.


This Dirección General de Tráfico campaign is aimed at educating all citizens to recognize the benefits of cycling to avoid traffic jams, pollution, and car costs.


The Government of Tasmania offers visual evidence that “Distance Makes the Difference” in most life situations – including passing bike riders on the road.


From WeLoveCycling, the European Bike Stealing Championships 2015. Which potential bike theft will be the first to steal the celebrated bait bike??


Bono appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this last year where he described his recent cycling accident, and then proceeded to re-enact his accident with Fallon’s help in a special clip.


Cycling Canada captures some beautiful shots, here, showing us just what bikes can be capable of – if they have a rider.

The Automobile Association’s video encourages motorists to check their mirror’s for bicyclists… or something else important.


Halifax’s The Coast equates parking your car in a bike lane to parking your bike wherever you please – in the middle of a crosswalk for instance.


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