Take me to the market


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Blogging about life. riding a bike. eating nice food. written by a foodieonabike.
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One Response to Take me to the market

  1. USbike says:

    mmmm…all those delicious loaves of bread on a bicycle! I often shop by bicycle here and occasionally will have a baguette hanging out of the tote that is strapped to the handlebar. I sometimes wonder what motorist’s reactions are when they see me. Probably some of them are thinking, “gee, this guy must be too poor to own/use a car.” Maybe someday this will all change in the English speaking countries.

    I saw that your writing from Melbourne. I’m assuming, Australia, and not Florida! It’s too bad there’s a helmet law there. I’d love to visit the city and country someday. And you guys have a 1st generation tram network which is rare in the world these days. I’m a rail fanatic as well, so I really like trams as well 🙂

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