BIke helmet research misses the point.

Australia was the first country to introduce mandatory helmet legislation in 1991. (ABC News: Nic MacBean, file photo)

ABC News (Australia) reports that “Researchers say they have evidence which shows mandatory helmet laws in New South Wales have worked, slashing head injuries by almost one third.”

What a waste of research resources. Of course helmet use will reduce head injuries. That’s commonsense.

Did the researchers also look at the nexus of increasing obesity and the effects on peoples health? Did the researchers look at how many more people would be less obese if they used a bike and research how may obese people die prematurely because of complications from obesity? It seems not.

The answer to that is not helmets, but providing proper infrastructure, so all users of publicly funded infrastructure can feel safe on the road or path.

Safe roads = less need for a helmet. Look at Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Tokyo and a myriad of other sophisticated cities as an example.


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2 Responses to BIke helmet research misses the point.

  1. Laurence says:

    Hey Foodie. I couldn’t agree more. I guess the problem is that for the time being, the infrastructure simply isn’t there and while that’s the case, I’ll be wearing a helmet.

  2. agree totally, we need to reduce obesity but at the same time we do not have ‘aware’ driver nor in some cases ‘aware’ cyclists and as laurence has pointed out infrastructure is shoking. until something drastic changes i will be keeping a lid on.

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