Heels on Wheels

The film is an example of how four Danish girls are using the bicycle as transport – dresses, high heels and freezing weather is no barrier to arrive at the party on a bicycle.

The film was shown at Bicycle Film Festival 2010.
A film by: Anna Bisgaard-Nøhr, Naja Bjørn Nielsen, Line Røijen and Nanna Nike Kindtler.  Music by: Clara Bryld.  LANN production


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3 Responses to Heels on Wheels

  1. Angelique says:

    Hi, love the film – is there anyway you could put me in contact with the person who is able to give us persmission to download and play this movie at a bicycle film event in Perth, Australia? Cheers, Angelique

  2. Ah! How cute! I love her fur hat as well… If only all the women in Melbourne were this resilient and confident on their bikes!


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