Cargo Bike Picnic, 11:00~14:00 27 February, North Fitzroy, Melbourne.

I missed the first Melbourne CARGO BIKE PICNIC, but the second could be fun.  The promoter says that this is an event about awareness and promoting the cargo bike lifestyle. People can try all kind of cargo bikes, ask questions and have a fun afternoon.

Promoting sustainability, riding the cargo bike keeps you fit, your kids start life with a healthy lifestyle, but most of all it is easy, saves time and is FUN!

There will be a picnic area, playground, face painting, a coffee machine cargo bike and opportunities to try many types of cargo bikes!  Tho promoter says they will also arrange shade or when it drizzles some rain protection. Come along and join us for a great day, come by cargo bike, bike, walking, train or even by car. Just bring your helmet and a picnic.


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