Melbourne Bike Share, iTech

Melbourne bike share tech gizmos.

A new iPhone app, Spotcycle, for 3G phones and developed by bixi, allows you to check where the bikeshare stations are, find the closest one to you, confirm if there is a bike or a parking spot available.  It works in with bikeshare systems in Montreal, Melbourne, Minneapolis, London, Washington DC!

Bikeshare stations are shown as dots on a map, the bigger the dot, the bigger the station, more red equals more bikes currently available.

Touch a dot, for bike availability and re-docking data to be displayed.

Spotcycle map

Touch the “Nearby” button to locate a bikeshare station nearby .

If you don’t have an iPhone, two websites provide similar info at Melbourne Bikeshare and another by Oliver O’Brien

Melbourne bikeshare location map

Olivers map also shows current usage data for the whole scheme.

Then if you just want to check on how one scheme compares to another, there is this interesting comparison page, which displays the current percentage of bikes in use.


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