Victorian Trains ban bikes for UCI World Cycling Champs!!

Can you believe this?
No doubt their spin doctors will have a nice slick, plausible set of reasons, while the rest of us just scratch our heads in bewilderment.

The International Cycling Union’s 2010 Road Cycling World Championships will be held in and around Geelong at the end of September.   Geelong is about 85km or an hour or so on the train from Melbourne.

The event sponsors include – Shimano, Bike Hub, Malvern Star, Cycling Australia, all bike related brands – right?

The event includes a promotion supporting the Amy Gillett foundation to ride the closed course before the race (on your bike).

One of the promoters, melbourne2010 has this on their website

Sustainable Transport Modes
Sustainable transport modes such as walking, cycling and public transport are encouraged where possible. Bike parking options will also be available for cyclists who prefer to ride to the event.

Accessible transport operations are being planned. Stay tuned for more information to assist you in planning your movements around the event.

Their aim is

to minimise the impact on residents and businesses Melbourne 2010 has worked closely with the City of Greater Geelong, Department of Transport, V/Line and local bus operators to provide the most effective traffic and transport operations during the event.”

Surely bikes and pedestrians would provide that, without the inevitable traffic jam.

So -wait for it.   Can you believe that the train operators have announced that they will not allow bikes on the trains on the race days, yet at the same time are promoting the train as a transport option to get to Geelong from Melbourne!

This is just plain silly.  Bicycles are selling like mad, particularly in Melbourne; cycling is being promoted as a normal activity all over the place and they do this and they are promoting the event as an event that you can cycle at!

Kick up a fuss.  Help them to see sense.  Remind them that we own the trains and we want to use them.

Some resources:
VLine feedback
Call: 1800 800 120 (6am – midnight, 7 days [GMT+10 hours]) or email from their contact page.

Contact the Department of Transport
Tel. (03) 9655 6666

Twitter @Melbourne2010

Cycling Australia
Phone: +61 2 9339 5800
Fax: +61 2 9339 5888


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