Design your own ride

As cycling increasingly becomes more “normal”, the available choices for bicycles are also increasing.  Only two years or so ago, it was almost impossible to buy a bike that wasn’t linked to testosterone somehow.  BMX, mountain bikes, racers, road bikes all have their place in the bush, on the skateboard bowl, at the velodrome or on Beach Road; but what about going to the shops or work or school, hanging out and dressed normally?  City (european style) bikes are now more and more commonly available at almost any of the increasing number of bike shops, but now, in Melbourne, we have more options.

You can design your own funky looking fixie or retro style euro bike and have it custom made for you.  The prices are reasonable as well and thats also a huge improvement!

Papillionaire‘s bikes are euro retro style for Ladies and Gent’s.  You select the frame style that you want, then make the final design decisions on their web site, for your own ride.  They custom make it for you, then deliver it ready to ride.  Their bikes seem to be well specified and they certainly look great!

Dutch bikes of clean, modern design. For the street. For the urban life. Dutch bikes of clean, modern design. For the street. For the urban life.

If you are a fixie fan, then pick a Jellybean and let them build your coloured ride!  They don’t have a lot to say on their web site but the frame and wheel colour combinations are extensive.

Check Jellybean out at the Melbourne Design Market on Sunday 11 July 2010.


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  1. Very cool Blog! Good reading! Cool pics!

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