Afghani lunch

Kabul Restaurant & Cafe

Glenhuntly Road in Elsternwick is certainly not a bike friendly route.  Of course that doesn’t mean that there’s no good food there!  One of the gems amongst some pretty average places is Kabul.  The food seems to be authentic and is certainly prepared with finess and skill.

On a quiet Thursday, we had quite a nice lunch for $42.00.  Two of us shared three dishes, plus an extra serve of Afghani bread.

The Badinjan Borani, was roasted eggplant, sliced, then cooked with a tomatoey sauce, served with a drizzle of yogurt on bread (rice is available as an alternative).  The characteristic eggplant flavour wasn’t masked by the sauce and the dish just worked very well and was delicious.  The bread was so moreish, we asked for some more!

Next was Mantoo, minced lamb, onion, coriander and cumin in a lovely light ravioli like pastry, with a tomato sauce and a few lentils, all drizzled with yogurt.  This was another well put together dish, the balance of the ingredients was yummy and the pastry a pleasant surprise.

And last was Aushak, more little ravioli like parcels with chive filling, served with dahl and garlic flavoured yoghurt.

Service was acceptable and pleasant, but could be a bit quicker for lunch.  With a few people in the place, the atmosphere would be enlivened and my guess is that at dinner time, it would be quite nice.


452 Glenhuntly Rd Elsternwick 03 9533 0845


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