10 Best Bike Advocacy Videos of 2015

10 of this year’s best bike advocacy videos for your viewing pleasure.

Sometimes it takes a visual representation to get the point across. We all loved it when our teachers showed movies in class, so here’s 10 of 2015’s best advocacy videos to wrap up this year on a humorous note.

This video from the Santa Rosa Street Smarts Program shows us that passing with at least 3 1 meters of room between you and a cyclist when driving a car is not just about being lawful – it’s a about comfort.


People for Bikes reminds us in this video that there is nothing better than riding a bike to Shed that grumpy Monster.

James Corden uses humor on the Late Late Show to expose the silliness of bike lane opponents’ arguments.


This Dirección General de Tráfico campaign is aimed at educating all citizens to recognize the benefits of cycling to avoid traffic jams, pollution, and car costs.


The Government of Tasmania offers visual evidence that “Distance Makes the Difference” in most life situations – including passing bike riders on the road.


From WeLoveCycling, the European Bike Stealing Championships 2015. Which potential bike theft will be the first to steal the celebrated bait bike??


Bono appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this last year where he described his recent cycling accident, and then proceeded to re-enact his accident with Fallon’s help in a special clip.


Cycling Canada captures some beautiful shots, here, showing us just what bikes can be capable of – if they have a rider.

The Automobile Association’s video encourages motorists to check their mirror’s for bicyclists… or something else important.


Halifax’s The Coast equates parking your car in a bike lane to parking your bike wherever you please – in the middle of a crosswalk for instance.

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Ride to Work Day (Melbourne)


Ride to Work Day is Wednesday 16 October 2013!!
Thanks to Copenhagenize for the pic!

If you follow this blog or the foodieonabike twitter or facebook feed, you may already know what this day is for!

So get your colleagues to join you on your bike on Wednesday 16 October, ride to work avoid the traffic congestion (even reduce it!) and have a bit of fun on the way with a free breakfast!

The  FREE BREAKFAST LOCATIONS that our blogging team could find are –

MELBOURNE CBD; City Square, cnr Collins and Swanston Streets; 6am-9am. Buns supplied by Baker’s Delight, Australian Bananas. Victoria Police Bicycle Engraving, free bike fits.

MELBOURNE DOCKLANDS; NAB Forecourt, Corner of Bourke Street and Harbour Esplanade; 7am – 9am. Buns supplied by Baker’s Delight – and Bananas. Victoria Police Bicycle Engraving, free bike fits.

ABBOTSFORD; Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, 7.30am to 9.30am
Gate 1, outdoors. With the help of the Convent Bakery, the St Heliers Store and Lentil as Anything.

ALBERT PARK, BEACONSFIELD PARADE; Outside NHSRY cafe, 129A Beaconsfield Pde. On the bike path, opposite the end of Kerferd Rd. Breakfast and Bike Doctors from Back2Bikes for minor servicing.

BURNLEY; Burnley Golf Course, cnr of Madden and Loyola Grove, Burnley, 7am to 9am
Breakfast and giveaways.

BUNDOORA; La Trobe University student breakfast and events 7.00am onwards, La Trobe Agora, Bundoora campus.

COBURG; Breakfast at Victoria Mall, Coburg. Off Sydney Road, between Munro and Bell Streets.

FITZROY; Fitzroy Swimming Pool, Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy, 7am to 9am
Breakfast and giveaways.

FITZROY/COLLINGWOOD; Vigor Health and Fitness, L 1, 393 Smith Street, Fitzroy (enter from Kerr Street), 7.45am to 8.45am. Vigor Muesli with soy or full cream milk, fruit, yoghurt and honey. Bike mechanic for minor repairs and bike-related questions.

FOOTSCRAY; Corner Moreland and Napier Streets, Footscray, 7.30 – 9am. Breakfast and free bike ID engraving by Victoria Police.

NORTHCOTE/NORTH FITZROY; At the southern end of the St Georges Road bike path, near the corner of Merri Parade and St Georges Road. Free breakfast and bike check by mechanics from Human Powered Cycles and The Spokesman. Entertainment, Smoothies from Bike n’ Blend, coffee from Café Mobile Espresso and breakfast from Loafer Bread café.

NORTHCOTE; Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre, 7 to 9 am, Victoria Road, Northcote.

PRESTON NMIT; For students and staff, 10am to 11am, NMIT Preston Campus, 77-91 St Georges Road, courtyard between Buildings K and D.

ST KILDA; St Kilda Town Hall (Carlisle St). Breakfast and Bike Doctors from Back2Bikes for minor servicing.

SOUTH MELBOURNE; South Melbourne Market (cnr Cecil x Coventry Sts). Breakfast and Bike Doctors from Back2Bikes for minor servicing.

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Experimental bicycle roundabout in Zwolle

This article by BICYCLE DUTCH has been reblogged from bicycledutch.wordpress.com.

Most of the cycling infrastructure I show you on this blog has been tried and tested for years, usually even decades. Today is different. Zwolle has built a piece of cycling infrastructure that is a first even for the Netherlands. An experimental and innovative roundabout for cyclists that is at the same time not a roundabout for motorists. In Dutch it is called a “Fietsrotonde” or ‘Bicycle Roundabout’. It was opened last Friday afternoon, 23rd of August 2013.

Zwolle has a policy of separating cycle traffic and motor traffic on route level. Most of the time the two types of traffic follow an entirely different route and that eliminates most of the interactions. But inevitably the two types of traffic are going to meet somewhere. Where an important cycle route had to cross the inner-city ring, the flow of motor traffic had gotten the priority. But that led to long waiting times for the many people cycling. The city of Zwolle tried to find a better solution for this troublesome crossing. In a video (in Dutch) the city explains how they handled this project.


In the before situation cyclists crossing the main route for motor traffic had to wait for a gap in traffic before they could cross the road.


After the reconstruction motor traffic has to give cyclists priority on the ’roundabout’.

Project leader Ilse Bloemhof and designer Marieke van Brussel of the municipality of Zwolle had meetings with a wide range of stake holders like the society for a safer traffic in the Netherlands (Veilig Verkeer Nederland), the police, a lorry driver, the local branch of the Cyclists’ Union (Fietsersbond), representatives of nearby schools and people living in close proximity of the junction.

Designer Marieke van Brussel: “First I try the most extreme designs and that is what I did here too. I tried a shared space design, and an ordinary priority cycle path crossing, but I also tried an idea that a resident brought forward in another project and that was the bicycle roundabout. It was the first sketch I made and now it turned out to be the winning design. I must say that I hadn’t really expected that.”


The before situation shows the crossing was close to an existing standard roundabout (right). Note that all the streets already had cycling infrastructure (mostly cycle lanes).


The design of the bicycle roundabout. It is clearly much smaller than the standard roundabout to the right. The dark grey part in the centre of the bicycle roundabout can be driven over by (larger) motor vehicles so the curves are not too tight. The green barrier in the centre of the roundabout prevents motor traffic from turning left.

Project leader Ilse Bloemhof: “The stake holders were very excited. We gave them several options but the cycle roundabout was the design that they wanted to pursue further. Everybody was so positive that the project advanced a lot quicker than we ourselves had expected.”

The local branch of the Cyclists’ Union had a bit more doubts at first with regards to cycling safety. But they have now seen the finished roundabout and on their blog they write: “It seems a lot easier to cross this junction on a bicycle. Long waiting times for a gap between the passing cars are a thing of the past, because you go first now as a cyclist. Motorists on the main route no longer face cyclists on one location crossing from multiple directions, that makes the traffic situation clearer. They do now have to give priority to cyclists twice, but on a roundabout. That is a familiar situation that they know from other roundabouts in the city. All in all we think this situation is more pleasant and safer for cycling.”

The budget for the roundabout was 500,000 euros and it was in part financed by the province. The rest was paid for by the municipality. It is important to make clear that this roundabout is of a different and much tighter size than usual. This smaller size had to be tested thoroughly and the roundabout was set up live size on a test area to see if a big lorry (the measure of things for a roundabout like this) could safely navigate it. The project leader sat behind the wheel of a lorry herself to test if she could see the people on bicycles.

She was also present in the final hour before the actual opening, handing out refreshments to the workers who had to work really hard to finish the last details in time.

The first tweets of people who navigated the roundabout were very positive. I must say I was a bit sceptical myself of the need for a new design. But after seeing it and actually riding on the roundabout I am really positive too. Especially because it is so easily understood in the Dutch situation where this type of roundabout is common. For that reason I do think this would only work in the Netherlands, simply because we have 20 years of experience with these roundabouts with priority for cyclists. If you don’t have that, this design would not be so easily understood by all traffic users. It is hoped that the flow of motor traffic is not interrupted too much by the (many) cyclists. But since there is another roundabout nearby the cars already flow in a pace that makes it easy to take turns. On Dutch roundabouts it is common that people pass each other really ‘close’ and that people will even adjust their speed slightly so they can really take turns. I showed this earlier with the roundabout in the centre of Amsterdam and the video below already shows that phenomenon starting to happen here too even in the first minutes after the opening.


Designer Marieke van Brussel rides ‘her’ cycle roundabout in the first hour after the opening.

In the first hour after the roundabout was opened, the designer herself could be seen cycling around it. On a sturdy sit-up bike with a basket on the front, panniers and her young child in a seat at the back. No wonder she designs something that is good for cyclists, when she can be seen cycling like that herself!

Video of the opening and first hour that the brand new cycle roundabout in Zwolle was in use. The dust literally hadn’t settled yet…

On Monday morning the fist rush hour will be the big test for this roundabout. Hopefully both traffic flows will be able to cross each other’s paths smoothly.

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Some things in life are just sacred. OK?

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Take me to the market

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Blog updates

Been a bit busy lately, with bicycle advocacy, food research, travel and life, so new additions to this blog have been sparse.

You can keep up to date with my world by (free) subscribing to my iPaper – foodieonabike daily/read then ride, or following me on twitter.

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How painted cycle tracks and buffered bike lanes work

Catherine Ciarlo, Transportation Policy Director in the Office of Mayor Sam Adams in Portland, Oregon, explains how cycle tracks and buffered bike lanes work.

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Google Maps bike route tool arrives in Australia!

Google announced today, that the long awaited bike route toll will now be available for Auatralia.   On their maps site, Google has provided direction tools for cars, public transport and walking. Bike riders had to wait … But we are a patient lot and our patience is now rewarded.

Check out the instructional video below, their blog and Google maps.  If you haven’t used their directions tool before, try entering some addreses that you know, then click ‘Directions’, select the bike symbol and there you have it!

The tool provides a turn by turn text instruction and a map that shoes the route.  Sometimes you will be offered alternative routes, click on those and select the route that suits you.

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Kid on a bike beats World Champion rider!

A young bike rider holds off a chasing Tom Boonen, a Belgian professional road bicycle racer, in this 30-second spot made for TV.

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Top Five Bicycle movies

Bicycles overrun the Champs-Élysées in Paris as the world’s most prestigious and grueling road race concludes its three week journey.

For many, the Tour De France is as foreign a subject as Francois Truffaut, but the two have something in common. Both bike races and bike movies are perfect to enjoy without moving a muscle!

You may notice that the majority of films on this list were released in the early ’80s.  Thankfully, our culture’s apathy in cycling recently came to an end, simply because of a little yellow bracelet.

Lance Armstrong’s seven consecutive Tour de France wins (1999-2005) launched an American renaissance in the sport.  Hollywood is due to produce a new wave of cycling films of the same caliber, if not better than the following. Whether you’re a fan of bike riding or not, what do you think?

1. “Breaking Away” (1979): “They’re gonna keep callin’ us ‘cutters’” – Trailer

2. “American Flyers” (1985): “Enough of this Sunday stroll…let’s hurt a little bit!” – Trailer

3. “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” (1985): “I’m a loner, Dottie.  A rebel.” – Pee Wee Herman (this love story about a man and his bike could have also been called “The Bicycle Thief”…not really.)

4. “Quicksilver” (1986): “I go as fast as I like” – Jack Casey (checkout the trailer dubbed by the late Don Lafontaine…”In a world where the pressure’s off”…classic 80’s movie trailer.)

5. “E.T.” (1982): Makes the list because the film’s climax allows every kid to imagine their bikes soaring off the ground.  These iconic images still play before Amblin Entertainment’s films.

Honorable Mention:

  • “BMX Bandits” (1986): This Australian movie revolves around a criminal ring of Walkie Talkie smugglers and features Nicole Kidman! Trailer or the  Movie
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